Week 2 of The Rocky Railroad VBS Rally arrived on time!

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You can watch last week's Rally here.

You can still register at http://www.spalutheran.org/vbs.


Paul encourages others in a storm and shipwreck (Acts 27).




You need a boat!  You can use the cardboard box or ask your parents if it's OK to make a boat out of cushions.  Or maybe you have a great boat for your dolls or stuffed animals.

Bring some stuffed animals, dolls, paper drawings, cardboard cutouts, or whatever you can imagine, to play the boat's captain, the crew, and Paul!  Or put yourself in the box and pretend to be shipwrecked!

PAUL is a prisoner held below deck. After Ananias helped him last week he is a friend of Jesus. But he is captive on the boat and cannot steer it or calm the storm, so he Trusts Jesus! He tells the crew that the ship will sink, but everybody will be safe!

Bring a snack!  The storm lasts 14 days!

This Train is Bound for Glory
In You Alone
Your Power Pulls Us Through

Check out these railroad-themed recipes if you want to add some yummy memories to the day.

Mountain Trail Mix
Johnny Cakes
Molasses Stack
Avalanche Bars
Soda Bread 

Listen for Pastor Adam's weekly challenge, and help us make this a montage of your kid's participation in Rocky Railroad Rally!

Submit one photo per child each week to VBS@SpaLutheran.org.

Each weekly photo from your registered child will be entered into a random drawing at the end of VBS to win a gift certificate for four to Revolution Rail.