Online Being Challenge

Tuesdays at 7 pm

Remember the Red Letter Challenge? Last fall, St. Paul's gathered and sought to follow Jesus through a 40-Day season of spiritual practices that centered around themes of Being in the presence of the Lord, Forgiving one another, Serving those around us, Giving generously and Going joyfully to tell others of Jesus. 

The Online Being Challenge digs deeper into the first of those themes by focusing on 5 "keystone habits" that will help us imitate our Lord:

  • Committing to Community
  • Studying Scripture
  • Prioritizing Prayer
  • Seeking Solitude
  • Choosing Church

Participants in this small group will be well-equipped to assist as leaders when St. Paul's gathers as a whole congregation for the Being Challenge.

To join the class

Detailed instructions for joining online classes from your phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet can be found here.

Contact Pastor Adam at for further information.