Youth confirmation classes are Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and Sundays after worship in the conference room.

For adult instruction, please contact Pastor Adam or the church office.

What is confirmation?

It is an opportunity for people to affirm for themselves the faith that God gives at baptism and to take responsibility to continue growing in it. Students learn what we believe and what it means to be a Lutheran Christian. At the end of the class students have the opportunity to profess and celebrate their faith during worship.

Who is eligible?

At St. Paul's confirmation is a two year program of instruction in which all 7th & 8th grade youth (or older) are eligible to enroll. 

We also offer confirmation instruction as part of adult new member classes.  Contact Pastor Adam or the church office for the next opportunity.

Want to learn more?

Contact Pastor Adam or the church office if you have any questions or are interested in adult or youth instruction.